Behold! Our inaugural Hoodie and Zipper are now unleashed upon the world! Delve into the realm of unparalleled design and witness the embodiment of uniqueness. Seize the opportunity to experience it for yourself."

JAIK Jewellery

Inspiring and Unique

Our jewelry pieces are of the highest quality and uniquely designed, crafted not just by anyone, but by us—Mike and Jannick.

A zipper with a unique appearance. Suitable for any situation, crafted from the highest quality materials, yet still exuding an edgy vibe


That's why everyone loves our sunglasses

Discover our diverse collection of sunglasses for techno events and raves! With various frame colors and styles, including transparent options, we have something for everyone. From darkened lenses to rugged designs, our sunglasses combine style and protection. Stand out and immerse yourself in the vibrant world of music and light. What are you waiting for? Get your sunglasses and let the rhythm lead you!

Discover the next Level of Rave-Glasses!


From ravers - for ravers

Hi there! We're Jannick and Mike, based in Germany. We strongly believe that feeling safe and confident is key to enjoying a party and expressing oneself fully. To facilitate this, we offer a diverse range of glasses that will complement your unique style. Whether you prefer a classic or modern look, we have something for everyone. So, come and explore our collection and find the perfect pair of glasses that will enhance your party experience! And now, thanks to our new JAIK collection, we also introduce the Hoodie and the Zipper!

#raveupfam is the only thing that matters


Become part of #RAVEUPFAM and dive into a world full of emotions and ecstasy. Let yourself drift and enjoy your next rave.

Get inspired by our extravagant outfits at events and raves.

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